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the yellow brick road
  • the yellow brick road


    acrylic on canvas, 15" x 30"


    The yellow brick road is paved with the energy you invest into it. Water the garden of your soul and your eyes will open to the endless potential within you. Your life will bear fruit and the fruits of your labor will be appreciated by anyone who crosses your path. Keep growing and you’ll attract what’s meant to be on your yellow brick road.

    Here go we
    Here we’ve been
    Staying steady
    Even when it bends
    Never straight
    Sometimes narrow
    Always turning
    This path is my journey
    That I embrace
    It’s not a race
    Can’t complain
    If my eyes get weary
    On what’s laid before me
    I’ll just look down
    And see
    My feet
    On the yellow brick road
    Only forward
    I will go

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