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Summer Breeze, a Los Angeles-based visual artist and poet, invites viewers into her world through bold, pop art-styled paintings that resonate with feelings, experiences, and the lessons of life. Working primarily with bright acrylics, mixed media, and resin, she constructs layers of abstraction that mirror the complexity of human emotions, drawing inspiration from the depths of her soul.

As a poet, Summer delves into themes of romance, introspection, and the multifaceted experience of womanhood, infusing her artwork with profound insight and sensitivity. Her canvases serve as visual poems, inviting viewers to explore the intricacies of their own emotions and perspectives.

Rooted in a deep love for art, relationships, and the natural world, Summer Breeze radiates warmth and empathy, infusing her creations with a blend of softness and intensity reflective of her own soul. She finds solace and inspiration in the creative process, transforming adversity into beauty with every brushstroke.

For Summer, life itself is a masterpiece, and each individual possesses the innate ability to shape their reality through creativity and self-expression. Through her art and poetry, she endeavors to uplift, encourage, and empower others, fostering connections and fostering a deeper understanding of the human experience.


Piece pictured: SORRY NOT SORRY

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