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i love you

i love you


acrylic on canvas 12" x 12"

I’ve always loved love. I love being loved, I love loving others. Giving it and receiving it is easy, but what's been the hardest is learning how to wholeheartedly love myself. It's something a lot of us struggle with. We aren't really taught how to. I thought I could find wholeness through another person loving me, but I've realized that no one can ever give me the validation I need besides myself.

I am a huge advocate of the growth mindset. If you don't like something about yourself or your life, you have the power to grow and change it. I used to be so shy, sad, insecure and fearful. I hated those things about myself. But I realized I didn't have to stay rooted in that. I did the work, confronted my fears and changed my mindset. It wasn't an overnight process. It was something I worked on daily and continue to do so.

There's an internal dialogue we listen to every single day. What are you telling yourself? The mind is so powerful, yet so fragile. Whatever you tell it repeatedly, it will believe. That is why I read so much. I am literally programming my mind on how I want it to think and operate because I know I will be better off that way.

This painting is a reminder to tell your soul that you love it. We're messy, chaotic creatures living in this wild world, but nevertheless, your life is a gift. I hope you choose to cherish it. I hope you choose to forgive yourself and let go of your past mistakes. I hope you choose to break through those mental barriers. I hope you choose to love yourself.

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